Sweden denies certification of sex as a sport

Despite recent viral posts on the subject, sex was not officially declared a sport in Sweden.

The Swedish Sports Confederation “strongly” denied any connection to the matter and denied being linked to the organization of the first European Sex Championships, announced for this June 8.

“This is false information with the aim of defaming Swedish sport and Sweden,” said to the German outlet Deutsche Welle (DW) from Stockholm the spokeswoman for that body, Anna Setzman.

“Right now, false information is being spread in some international media about Sweden and Swedish sports,” Setzman added.

It all started last Monday, when the Times of India He aired some statements by Dragan Bratych, who declares himself at the head of the so-called Swedish Sex Federation.

“Like any other sport, achieving the desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is logical that people also begin to compete in this aspect”, assured the interviewee.

Sweden registers sex as a sport and organizes its first championship

Bratych, who owns several strip clubs, wanted sex to be classified as a sport and applied to become a member of the confederation in January but was rejected in May, he says. D.W..

“There is no sex federation that is a member of the Swedish Sports Confederation,” said the spokeswoman for the Confederation

Despite not being officially recognized, Bratic made it clear to the D.W. that the sexual championship will take place.

“The Swedish Federation of Sex finances the entire European Championship with its own funds and with its own voluntary work,” he said in a written statement quoted by the media.

This Monday the participation of a total of 20 competitors from different countries was announced, including Ann Joy (Finland), Selva Lapiedra (Spain), Sexy Lexy (Portugal), Monsieur Lorenzo Viota (France), Nek Sinner (Greece) , Matthew Meier (Ukraine), Barbie Sins (Great Britain), Mister Riddle (Russia) and Sweet Mery (Croatia), Mugur (Romania).

In addition, it was reported that the participants would be measured in 16 disciplines for 6 weeks, in tests that could last between 45 minutes and an hour.

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