With salaries of up to $130,000: the five jobs most sought after by Uruguayan companies

Every night, after the day’s chores, Thiago Suárez takes 10 minutes to access different portals of job search in Uruguay and send your resume to different companies that need to complete their templates. “One of the ones I use the most is Buscojobs; I try to be cautious because there is a limit of 60 applications per month and different proposals appear every day”, explained the 24-year-old in dialogue with Café & Negocios.

Suárez has been looking for a job for three months. Although he was born and currently lives in the interior of the country —precisely in the department of Florida— he is also attentive to job offers in Montevideo to expand the universe of opportunities.

Jobs in the area of sales, call centers and in technology They are one of the proposals that abound the most, Suárez maintains. Extra knowledge, such as command of English, have “helped” him to enter some personnel selection processes. “Not that they have called me out on that necessarily, but they have considered it,” she added.

Suárez’s personal vision does not stray too far from global reality. In fact, according to data accessed by Café & Negocios from two of the country’s main human resources consultancies, the jobs mentioned by the Floridian are the five most sought after by Uruguayan companies.

“Currently at the local level, the main charges requested are administrative, accounting and information technology”, expressed the BDO Human Capital partner for Uruguay, Cinthia Eliazer. “Since last year, the commercial areas they have also positioned themselves within those required”, he added.

For its part, the consultancy Advice provided the five most requested positions by national companies and how many calls have been opened since the beginning of the year for each of these proposals.

The position that has been most requested from January 1 to May 31 in the Uruguayan employment market was software developerwhich accumulated 1,582 calls throughout the country during that period.

In second place was the position of seller which totaled 827 proposals in that period. The charge of administrative assistant ranked third with 735 calls. followed by accounting assistant (531). He closed the top five the post software engineerwhich registered 11 calls less than the position of accounting assistant.

How much do the most wanted jobs pay?

“Salaries vary with respect to positions and companies. There is a strong bet on the salary but also on the benefits package offered,” Eliazer said.

According to the Advice survey, Uruguayan companies are willing to pay for The software developer position between $71,196 and $132,397 per month. It is worth clarifying that these data correspond to the basic monthly salary for 40 hours of work per week, so other items such as bonuses, commissions, transportation bonuses, food, among others, are not considered.

On the other hand, job calls for vendors had salaries between $38,520 and $87,484. In this particular case, the wide margin between remunerations is due to the fact that “commissions can become a considerable part of the income and are not considered in these calculations,” the report details.

The salary for the position of administrative assistant ranges from $41,221 to $59,641 per month. For the accounting assistant, the base remuneration is between $47,432 and $72,102. Calls for software engineers, meanwhile, offer salaries of $86,056 to $168,757.

ranking Post Called in 2023 minimum salary offered maximum salary offered
1 Software developer 1,582 $71,196 $132,397
2 Seller 827 $38,520 $87,484
3 Administrative Assistant 735 $41,221 $59,641
4 Accounting assistant 531 $47,432 $72,102
5 Software engineer 520 $86,056 $168,757

What preparation do they require?

Regarding the age of the potential hires to whom the proposals are aimed, Eliazer explained that “there are companies that request people between the ages of 20 and 30, but there are others that, due to the type of position that what they previous experience is valued, require people over 30”. And he specified: “Regarding training, Economic Sciences is highly required as well as those linked to Information Technology.”

In this sense, the Advice analysis reflected that “job calls do not usually publish the age at which they aim, but the experience”.

According to this consultant, For the most demanded positions, it is observed that the average number of years of experience requested is two or more. The charges that they demand more trajectory are those related to technology (software developer and engineer) with four.

For the administrative assistant proposals, complete secondary or tertiary training is usually requested, both university and non-university, in progress. For accounting assistants, meanwhile, ongoing tertiary training is requested.

Regarding job offers for first work experience, in the case of Accounting Assistant they are 4% of the opportunities and for the rest 2% or less. “These data show one of the difficulties of access to the labor market, mainly for young people, who do not have experience and is in most cases an exclusive requirement to access a job,” the report develops.

Salesperson calls do not require high levels of training. Even, the vast majority of Uruguayan companies request in these proposals a complete secondary level (85%), while the rest focus mainly on non-university tertiary (complete and incomplete) ”, adds the Advice survey.

Regarding the behavior of the labor supply so far in 2023, “the month-to-month trend has remained stable compared to the previous year”, with a slight upward trend as of March, according to Eliazer.

So far this year, “these positions have generally followed the trends in global labor demand,” Advice pointed out.

Particularly regarding the labor demand for administrative assistant, this “is the one that has remained more uniform, since it was less affected by increases or decreases in demand month by month,” added the BDO partner.

Post Average years of experience Percentage of calls that do not require experience
Software developer 3.9 1%
Seller 23 1%
Administrative Assistant 23 2%
Accounting assistant 1.9 4%
Software engineer 4.3 1%

How helpful is English and knowledge of different software in these positions?

The two most sought after jobs that fall under the technology umbrella require the knowledge of english to increase the possibilities of access to these jobs. According to the Advice survey, the 70% of the calls for software engineers requires knowledge of this language, while for those of developers This percentage stands at 63%

The seller is the one who requests it the least, fluency in English (8%); 19% of calls for administrative assistants require knowledge of that language, while for accounting assistant proposals this figure barely grows to 26%.

For his part, he top three of the most requested technologies are SQL, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Excel, Memory and SAP it became indispensable for salesmen and auxiliaries.

In recent times, the request forcompetencies that complement to technical training, such as soft skills, be it leadership, communication, teamwork and adaptability”, added Eliazer.

The name of the initial interviewee was changed in order to preserve his identity.

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