Seis miembros de una familia fallecieron en un accidente en Portuguesa

Six members of a family died in a traffic accident in Portuguesa

Six members of a family died in an accident in Portuguesa

Six members of the same family died after having a traffic accident while traveling from Portuguesa to El Tocuyo, Lara state. Only a 3-month-old baby survived to the fact, which occurred on April 13.

The driver, according to information published by the press, lost control of the Chevrolet Spark vehicle. At noon, they were traveling along the José Antonio Páez highway, at the height of the Morador farmhouse in the Ospino municipality. The car overturned, went off the road and hit a utility pole..

In the place they died immediately Alejandro Henríquez Gómez, 27 years old; Raumar Carolina Gómez López, 36, and a 10-year-old boy. While Luis Alberto Castillo Marín, 28, died when he was transferred to the Raúl Humberto de Pasquali Hospital, in the Ospino municipality.

An unidentified woman and a 23-year-old man also lost their lives. It was about Keiber Daniel Cabrera, who was driving the vehicle and was the father of the surviving baby.

Local media reported that, according to family reports, the victims had their bags, cell phones and dollars in cash stolen after the accident.

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