Endrick sweeps his first 'European adventure'

Endrick sweeps his first ‘European adventure’

Endrick continues to attract the attention of the great academies of world football. The 15-year-old attacker has been proclaimed champion of the Mondial Montaigu with the Brazilian Under 17 team after beating Argentina 1-2 in the final.

The match has been an exciting match full of quality and names for the future, among which Endrick has undoubtedly stood out, being very valuable for his team, adding in an essential way for the Brazilians to win the tournament. Phelipe Leal’s men have been more resolute than the Argentine team, turning chances into vital goals.

The game started in style. Endrick, after a wonderful filtered pass from Luis Guillerme, fought for a divided ball with the Argentine goalkeeper, and in a mixture of luck and faith, he would end up taking the rebound to open the scoring in minute 1 of the match. Already in this move, Endrick would display a remarkable speed into space that would be a real torture for the Argentine defense throughout the match.

After this first blow, an Argentine team made by Diego Placente, and which has courage as a standard, would begin to put very intense pressure on the Brazilians, who would find themselves locked up. After several attempts, Ruberto, with a beautifully crafted shot, halfway between a scissors kick and an overhead kick, would score a well-deserved equalizer for a team from Albiceleste that posed a high-intensity match.

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