Sister of a crew member stated that Macri "has judges friends" in Comodoro Py

Sister of a crew member stated that Macri "has judges friends" in Comodoro Py

Photo: Fernando Gens

Isabel Polo, the sister of the first corporal of the navy and crew member of the ARA San Juan, Daniel Alejandro Polo, considered this Saturday that former president Mauricio Macri claims that the cause of illegal spying on the relatives of the submarine’s sailors, in which he is processed, go to the federal courts of Comodoro Py because that is where the ex-president “has friendly judges.”

“Macri wants the case to go to Comodoro Py because there he has judges friends. If he were innocent as he says, he would not care who the judge would be who should investigate him. That would not matter if what he says is true,” Polo said in statements to Télam.

Judicial sources indicated to Télam that The defense of the ex-president awaits news about his attempt to take the file to Comodoro Py through an injunction that he presented to federal judge Ariel Lijo.

Macri’s defense attorney, Pablo Lanusse, presented a brief to remove Judge Bava from the case

The objective is for the magistrate to tell Martín Bava, the surrogate judge of Dolores who instructs in the case, that any crime that could have been committed from the Casa Rosada must be investigated by the Buenos Aires federal jurisdiction.

The defense of the former president is working during these hours on the details of the appeal to the prosecution that Bava gave him, sources from his environment reported.

The defense lawyer for the founder of the PRO, Pablo Lanusse, presented this Friday before the Cassation Chamber the brief with the grounds to support in that instance the attempt to remove Judge Bava from the case, according to Télam from judicial sources.

Statements by Isabel Polo

“We are preparing ourselves with the lawyer (Luis Tagliapietra) who represents us to reject these resources. We know that the evidence is in the file and they were reports that were addressed to Macri in the first person. The same as the photos that were taken of the relatives and that appear in the case, “observed Polo.

The sister of the first corporal of the Navy is part of a lawsuit of eleven family members who are represented by Tagliapietra, who is also the father of Alejandro, a corvette lieutenant who was part of the 44 crew members of the submersible sunk in November 2017.

“There is a dichotomy between what Macri says publicly and what he says in the file”Luis Tagliapietra

“They can say anything about us. That we are close friends of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner or that we were going to have a picnic at the Instituto Patria, but what counts are the tests. If they are there, they will be worth the same in any court,” said Polo.

Upon learning of Bava’s decision to prosecute Macri, the relatives of the ARA San Juan sailors expressed their agreement on Wednesday and also warned about the former president’s contradictions in his defense.

Tagliapietra: “The evidence is overwhelming”

For its part, Tagliapietra He considered that in the investigation that Macri gave before Judge Bava he did not provide solid elements for his defense and considered that the arguments he has to present his appeal “are weak.”

Photo Alejandro Moritz
Photo: Alejandro Moritz

“The evidence in the file is overwhelming and there was no strategy to refute them. The witnesses he presented did not offer good arguments. There is a media discourse that does not translate into solid facts from the point of view of the defense,” said the plaintiff attorney in dialogue with Télam.

For the lawyer, there are also no possibilities that the case will be processed in the federal courts of Comodoro Py, since the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata ratified the jurisdiction of Judge Bava in the file.

“From the legal point of view, there is no possibility that this will happen unless some political trick is activated. I believe that Macri’s defense strategy is to gain time. We are going to continue as we have done so far, being proactive in the search for the truth, “he stressed.

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