Sisamérica: more coverage, more tranquility

Since 2010, Sisamérica offers to expand local health coverage to an international one, with an efficient and comprehensive insurance that adjusts to the needs of each one, and access to international medicine.

Marcelo Peroni, director of Sisamérica, has more than 30 years of experience in the health area; He has a degree in business management and a postgraduate degree in marketing, specifically he has more than 25 years of work in health insurance with international coverage, and is one of those that developed this market in Uruguay.

“The development and availability of new technologies and medical treatments are dizzying; and it is increasingly important in our lives and in that of our families to be able to access them in an accessible and efficient way ”, Peroni emphasized.

“It is no coincidence that almost every day, we know of a case or we see someone on TV who needs solidarity help to be treated in the world’s leading hospitals. As a result of this greater information from the population, and a health system that should serve a growing number of users, more and more Uruguayan families are deciding to seek a health plus ”, he deepened. And this, “was achieved with Sisamérica.”

Peroni indicated that it is important to have international medical coverage because, although the country has a system that ensures 100% of the population access to comprehensive care, advances in medicine are increasingly difficult to incorporate “Early form” in a country of 3.4 million inhabitants.

“For this reason, it is essential to have a system that is a complement to the local health system, which allows access to reference hospitals in the world and in the region, where this development is taking place,” he said.

He went on to say that in Sisamérica the patient will find “coverage of excellence” and, in return, payment for the service of an “accessible good”. With this insurance, you have the right to a generic medical-surgical hospitalization, in which the pathology that the patient has does not matter.

“The person will always be covered by a network of hospitals in America, of world excellence, in the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Chile,” Peroni said. For example, the Cleveland Clinic for everything cardiovascular, the MD Anderson of Texas for the oncological pathologies, the HSS of New York; or the Albert Einstein and the Lebanese Syrian from São Paulo; the Alemana and Las Condes clinics in Santiago de Chile; the Austral, Italiano and Alemán hospitals in Buenos Aires.

“The decision to attend these medical centers is absolutely the patient’s. It is the patient who decides when to use the service and which hospital to access ”, he made clear.

One of the services that Sisamérica offers in this regard is international coordination so that patients can travel and move as comfortably as possible. In addition, members can also have coverage to obtain second medical opinions abroad. “They are consultations in which the person can confirm a diagnosis, a treatment,” said Peroni.

“This type of coverage has existed in Uruguay since 1995, and in particular we have participated in its design and an adjustment process over the years based on the needs of the patients. Regarding the conditions, it is entered by means of a health affidavit and being under 65 years of age. We provide all the support and advice necessary to carry out this admission process in a correct and personalized way. Regarding the cost of hiring, this type of coverage is much more affordable than one might imagine, varying the price from US $ 16 to US $ 66 per month depending on the type of plan and the age range of the people ”, Complemented the director of Sisamérica.

For more information, contact the salesperson @ sisamerica or 26260082.

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