El proyecto forma parte de los acuerdos de la reciente visita oficial a China.

Sinovac approves vaccine plant project in Ecuador

The pharmaceutical company presented a tentative schedule of scheduled activities until the year 2032 and approved the implementation of the project in Ecuador.

Within the framework of the presidential agenda fulfilled last week between China and Ecuador, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) held a meeting with the company Sinovac.

The objective was to analyze the cooperation proposal aimed at strengthening biological production capacities in the country. The appointment was given on Friday, February 11, 2022.

Ximena Garzón, Minister of Public Health, participated in this meeting. She was accompanied by her work team and the Operations manager for Latin America of SinovacJack Tang, who had the scientific technical group of the pharmaceutical company.

In this meeting, some central aspects were defined and a clear roadmap was established on the actions to be taken within this cooperation process.

Sinovac presented a calendar of activities programmed until the year 2032 and approved the realization of the draft in Ecuador, by the Chinese Government and Sinovac. The negotiations started in 2021.

At the meeting it was agreed to carry out economic, technical and scientific validation studies to determine where the plant will be; what technology has to be transferred and the functional legal mechanism with which it will work. Based on this, it is planned to structure a contract for the operation and construction of the vaccines. (AVV)


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