Simone Tebet defends partnerships for investment in education

Simone Tebet defends partnerships for investment in education

The MDB candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Simone Tebet, defended this Wednesday morning (14) on a visit to Porto Digital, in Recife, a government “partner of the private sector”. For the candidate, the responsibility of the Brazilian state must be with essential services to the Brazilian population such as health, public safety and some specific infrastructure works. “The rest is a public-private partnership, a concession, a PPI [Programa de Parceira de Investimentos]is PPP [parceira público-privada]is to look for in social organizations what we don’t have”, he defended.Simone Tebet defends partnerships for investment in education

Tebet added that, if elected, she will invest in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and no funds from the portfolio will be cut. “Imagine technology at the service of irrigation in the Northeast, in the wild, in the sertão of northeastern Brazil. Imagine this technology available in a single medical record. It is not a single medical record in Caruaru only. It is a single file where I, who am there from Mato Grosso do Sul, if I leave there, come to Recife and get sick and need a SUS system, I get here, I have my file”, he explained, adding the importance of using it. of telemedicine in the most distant corners of the country.

When talking about education, she pointed out the lack of qualifications as a big problem in the country. Simone Tebet admitted the need to review university education and assess whether the courses offered meet the needs of the market, so that the young graduate has a job. The candidate highlighted the importance of valuing teachers. “We have to assume the Union’s commitment to the municipalities and states. Ending the 2 thousand unfinished daycare centers in Brazil, there are 14 thousand works stopped all over Brazil”, she recalled.

Simone Tebet also commented on secondary education in Brazil, which, according to her, is the biggest problem in the area of ​​education. “In Brazil, 37% of our young people work, 37% of young people have no reason or pleasure to be on a school bench”, she pointed out.

In the afternoon, during a meeting with mothers of children with disabilities, at Uninassau, Simone Tebet said that the country will only have a future if children and adolescents are valued.

“This agenda is much more political than electoral. What we propose, this 100% female plate, is to leave no one behind. Brazil has to belong to all, of the 215 million Brazilians. The doors of public services must be open. Money has it, just prioritize it correctly,” she said.

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