Silot put the ninth title of the fights in Cali 2021

Cali.- Santiago’s Arturo Silot contributed today the ninth gold medal for Cuban struggles at the I Junior Pan American Games. That figure represents 50 percent of all disputed here. So you know… Pure power!

Silot had three fights and did not allow technical points against, just a warning due to a disproportionate offensive action in the final, motivated by spirits, which could cost him more than a hairline on the board.

In the quarterfinals he had the Paraguayan Leonardo Gabriel Cáceres Funes with a score of 4-0; In the semifinals he beat the Venezuelan Carlos Alberto Mendoza (11-0) and in the final he repeated the dose with the American Peter Casale (12-1).

That last battle had a “tail”, that is, the American had said some little things that Silot did not like and the scene “heated up”. I tell you…

As soon as the lawsuit started, the Antillean managed to grab a leg and expelled the mattress with such force that Casale went to hit the technical table and from there to the ground. Loud! There was no cable connected there and therefore the actions stopped.

Confirmed that there was no harm to the rival athlete, ours apologized to him and the judges and the situation did not progress to greater evils. But yes, when the system was restarted, they indicated the penalty with all logic.

More focused on the task, after one and another alert, Silot did what he wanted with Casale until he decreed superiority and rounded off the island’s golden loot at the Miguel Calero Coliseum.

“There is a great rivalry between us, he was speaking in the stands and that, but he did not get what he wanted,” said Silot at the beginning of the dialogue with the press to explain somewhat what happened.

“I did not expect such an easy victory, but I prepared myself and the result came out,” he said before stating that his aspirations are now starting in this division within the Cuban senior national team.

“I am grateful for the support of the Cuban people, friends and teachers who are watching me and contributed to this victory,” he concluded.

On this day Geannis Garzón (74 kg) and Yoan Alexander Robert (125 kg) won bronze medals, while Liosbel Hernández (86 kg) finished in fifth place. On Friday, in this style, Osmany Diversent (57 kg) reigned and Inoisbel González Pitaluya (65 kg) reached third place.

The women’s team experienced a dream event, winning titles through Laura Herin (53 kg), Yaynelis Sanz (57 kg) and Milaymis Marín (76 kg), and subtitles thanks to Greili Bencosme (50 kg) and Yolanda Cordero ( 62 kg).

The classic cast, faithful to tradition, added four crowns with Yonat David Véliz (67 kg), Alain Andrés Moreno (77 kg), Yan Luis Algudín (87 kg) and Jeisser Sampson (130 kg); plus the silver of Liober Josué Betancourt Hechevarría (97 kg).

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