Shopping Day, a solidarity party

Shopping Day, a solidarity party

In keeping with the month of friendship, the members of the Chamber of Shopping Centers of Paraguay will carry out Shopping Day, an activity that will run from July 1 to 3, in which customers will be able to access unique benefits of up to 50% discount or interest-free installments with credit cards from all banks, finance companies and cooperatives allied to the initiative.

In addition to the discounts, the activity aims to extend a helping hand to organizations such as Denide, Dequení and the San Rafael Foundation, which work with the most vulnerable sectors of society. In this way, the participating shopping centers will become over the weekend reception posts for coats and non-perishable food.

The Chamber of Shopping Centers of Paraguay seeks to develop from Shopping Day a “great crusade” of Corporate Social Responsibility, becoming a channel to reach the most vulnerable sectors of society, through organizations such as Denide, Dequení and the San Raphael Foundation.

The campaign aims to strengthen solidarity practices that allow transmitting and teaching the population about the importance of supporting social causes to renew hope, strengthen ties and build a better future for all.

“After many difficulties we can carry out an open and important action seeking a massive call. This excites us. We want people to be able to bring their donations to their favorite shopping center. In all shopping malls, there will be important stands receiving these donations. We ask people for help so that those who need it most can also celebrate this Shopping Day”, said Jorge Mendelzon, president of the Chamber of Shopping Centers of Paraguay.

Along these same lines, Mendelzon added that companies cannot close their eyes to such an urgent social situation.

“These entities are the ones that have been fighting for a long time. The need is immense and we intend to allow our clients to contribute through us and through them a grain of sand”, he said.


In turn, the executive director of Denide, Celeste Sakoda, assured that the campaign represents a “great help” because they work with children, youth and adults with disabilities, to whom they provide breakfast and lunch during instruction days.

“Perishable foods come in handy for us, because our beneficiaries attend from Monday to Friday: approximately 110 and 114 children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities who receive breakfast and lunch daily. That is part of the educational offer that Denide offers at this time. Food consumes a large amount of the budget. During the pandemic, it was very complex to continue complying with this much-needed complement in order to learn all the opportunities that are being offered,” he stressed.

Likewise, Sakoda explained that the collection will be carried out in each shopping center in the country and that the companies will be in charge of organizing the collection and dividing it later, distributing it equitably according to the number of beneficiaries that each organization has.

“With these kinds of campaigns, everyone wins: the companies and the community. As an organization, we believe that education is everyone’s responsibility. We work with disabilities, which is something that is just around the corner and can touch any citizen. These initiatives are a great opportunity for the work we do to be known and for people to also feel part of our organizations”, he concluded.

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