Peru Libre invites Pedro Castillo to renounce his militancy before initiating a disciplinary process

Peru Libre invites Pedro Castillo to renounce his militancy before initiating a disciplinary process

The National Executive Council (CEN), the caucus and the Political Commission of invited the President of the Republic, to renounce his militancy, considering his current investiture, before initiating an administrative disciplinary process.

Through a statement, they indicated that such a decision was adopted after having “statutorily assessed” the behavior of the president, who registered as a militant on September 30, 2020.

“The causes are public knowledge, such as promoting the breakdown of parliamentary unity contemplated in literal a) of article 38 of the Statute, fracture of the congressional caucus, invitations to dissidence in our caucus and the Party, in addition to promoting the registration of two parallel political parties within the partisan bosom”they pointed out.

“It is also necessary to highlight that the policies undertaken by your government are not consistent with what was promised in the electoral campaign and less so with the Program and Ideology of the Party, implementing the losing neoliberal program”they added.

Finally, they emphasized that Free Peru “will continue fighting for the conquest of its legitimate aspirations”which he considers “non-negotiable and unwavering to achieve a democratic, decentralized, inclusive, internationalist, humanistic and fully sovereign country”.

It should be noted that the statement was released by the general secretary of the ruling party, Vladimir Cerronon their social networks, adding that the decision was approved by unanimous agreement of said group, its Political Commission and the bench.


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