Sheet music presents organ concert in Tiradentes and France

THE TV Brazil show the show Iberian traveling bodies in the unprecedented edition of the program sheet music. The concert airs in the early hours of Sunday (5) to Monday (6), at 0:30 am, right after the track National Cinema. The presentation is also available on demand in the app TV Brasil Play.Sheet music presents organ concert in Tiradentes and FranceSheet music presents organ concert in Tiradentes and France

The production highlights the combination of baroque music and grand architectural buildings. The special on the public broadcaster features works by renowned composers performed on organs produced in Spain and Portugal that are installed in historic buildings in France and Brazil.

The musical reveals a counterpoint between baroque organs in performances on the instrument, performed by experienced artists. The French soloist Jean-Luc Ho assumes the keys at the Church of Saint Éloi, in the city of Fresnes, while the Brazilian organist Robson Bessa shows his talent at the Matriz de Santo Antônio, in the Minas Gerais municipality of Tiradentes.

The most recent attraction of the ninth season of Partituras reveals a repertoire of classics that includes themes by Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566) and Johann-Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), chosen for the interpretation of the organist Jean-Luc Ho.

The instrument that the Frenchman plays is a Spanish organ from 1768. Commissioned for a convent, the piece was dismantled during the renovation that restored its medieval characteristics. The equipment has been located since 2014 in the church in the Fresnes region, considered a historic monument in France.

A great landmark of Baroque and Rococo architecture and art, the Matriz de Santo Antônio is one of the national heritage sites in Tiradentes. With a sound full of contrasts, the Portuguese organ of 1785 does not have trumpets or pedals. The sound that echoes from the instrument’s tubes reflects the brilliance and variety of the Iberian school.

For the presentation of the special concert, Robson Bessa performs works by European composers such as Pablo Bruna (1611-1679), Manuel Rodrigues Coelho (1555-1635), Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) and Carlos Seixas (1704-1742).

Approach to the Brazilian Baroque

The historical wealth of Iberian organs and the Baroque style are contextualized during the program sheet music which includes documentary content. The musical pieces presented on the small screen of TV Brazil are interspersed with the analysis of journalist and writer Angelo Oswaldo de Araújo Santos. Researcher, the guest to talk about the subject is one of the greatest specialists in Minas Gerais baroque. The testimony given by the scholar brings analyzes regarding aspects such as artistic production during the gold cycle.

The Brazilian Baroque flourished thanks to the discovery of gold at the beginning of the 18th century. The conditions of the time favored the extraordinary development of the arts in the country. In the region of the state of Minas Gerais, stunning churches were built. The newly built spaces with their imposing architecture became the perfect stages for the first genuinely national musical works.

Produced by Instituto Musica Brasilis, the concert Organs ibéricos travelers is part of the Baroque in Rio series. The initiative highlights the encounter between baroque music and architecture through the presentation of works by renowned composers in buildings of inestimable cultural value.

About Sheet Music

launched by TV Brazil in 2014, the program sheet music seeks to democratize access to so-called great music with weekly 52-minute shows on open television. Exclusive productions, special attractions and contributions from affiliated stations of the National Communication Network (RNCP) are in the universe of presentations of the ninth season.

In addition to the performances, the sheet music still brings the testimony of the guest artists. The idea is to deepen and enrich the viewer’s experience, who can get to know the trajectory of the musicians and discover interesting aspects about the works performed.

The recitals shown by the public broadcaster on the small screen weekly can also be checked on the channel’s social networks and in the app. TV Brasil Play, available in Android and iOS versions, and through the address O sheet music still has a radio version that airs on Radio MEC.

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