Conversations with Rodolfo Hernández are over: Fajardo, Cristo, Amaya and Robledo

Conversations with Rodolfo Hernández are over: Fajardo, Cristo, Amaya and Robledo

The former presidential candidate, Sergio Fajardo, announced that “talks are over” with Rodolfo Hernández, with whom he had been meeting to analyze a possible alliance, with a view to the second presidential round.

Fajardo revealed that despite the fact that the possibility of creating a programmatic agreement had been agreed upon, the engineer decided “without prior discussion“, do not accept the proposals.

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“Colombia urgently needs serious, concrete and viable proposals that give direction to the country in this moment of uncertainty. In that order of ideas, We plan improvements to Rodolfo Hernández’s proposal, which complement those of his campaign against corruption“, reads the statement published by Fajardo.

In the document also signed by Juan Fernando Cristo, Jorge Enrique Robledo and Carlos Amaya, it is noted that after discussing a draft that would include the 20 proposals presented by Rodolfo Hernández on his Twitter account, and the main ideas of Fajardo this Sunday (June 05, 2022), a joint response would be given.

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However, from Medellín, where Hernández arrived to watch the match between Atlético Nacional and Atlético Bucaramanga, he stated that, “It was a courtesy that I wanted to do, but that’s over, they want to change the whole program that won. Since our program won, we have to make ourselves respected because it is backed by six million Colombians who voted in favor of the program we presented”.

The answer would have been given unilaterally, by the engineer, according to Fajardo, who stated that “without prior discussion, Rodolfo Hernández decided not to accept them. As a result, the talks are over. Our interest has been and is to seriously contribute our vision of the country”.

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