Literature for the little ones is also the protagonist of the fair

Literature for the little ones is also the protagonist of the fair

A literary weekend. This Saturday the 4th, the eighth version of the International Meeting of Children’s and Youth Literature within the framework of the XXIII International Book Fair of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The activity is shaken from the pandemic and is promoted by the Secretary of Culture and Tourism, Sarita Mansilla. It will run until Tuesday, June 7. The Bolivian writers Biyú Suárez and Edmundo Torrejón, the Chilean Manuel Peña, the Peruvian Rosario Torres and the Venezuelan Fanuel Hanán Díaz participate.

this saturday 4 There were two master conferences: Children’s and youth literature as a space for empathy, by Fanuel Hanán Díaz and Oral tradition in different cultures, the cradle of children’s literature, by Manuel Peña. Then, the Bolivian writer Biyú Suárez presented El Secreto, the longest book-album in the country (it measures more than three meters). The three activities were carried out in the Gabriel René Moreno room of Fexpocruz. The moderator was Sarita Mansilla.

The guests

Fanuel Hanán Díaz is a Venezuelan writer, critic, researcher and educator. He graduated with a degree in Literature and has a master’s degree in Sciences and Applied Arts. He did research on old children’s books and has published articles and books on his specialty. He gave several workshops and conferences in countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. He was twice the National Prize for Children’s Literature of Venezuela and jury of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2014.

Meanwhile, Manuel Peña is a writer, educator and specialist in children’s and youth literature. He is the author of numerous research books and also children’s poetry texts of oral tradition, stories, literary chronicles and memoirs. He has traveled the continent carrying his voice and is dedicated to teaching classes in Santiago.

In Samaipateña land

In this new version, the Meeting will extend outside of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Director Sarita Mansilla wanted to bring these specialized courses to teachers and students who, for some reason, cannot get to enjoy the Book Fair. That is why the magic of the FIL will be brought to their homes. This Sunday 5, a delegation will travel to Samaipatawhere the largest carved stone in the world is found: El Fuerte, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1998.

In this mystical place, on Monday the 6th, a learning session will be held called The Power of Reading, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Fanuel Hanán Díaz and Manuel Peña will reach the heart of the capital of the Florida province to enter the Juan de la Cruz school, where they will give the workshops Current currents of children’s literature, new themes and formats (Peña) and Magic tricks for readers (Diaz). They will be valuable hours to promote reading in that area and a “unique” opportunity for those who participate in these courses. The classrooms are located next to the Plaza 15 de Diciembre.

The next day, Tuesday 7, there will be more to enjoy. Magic tricks for readers (Díaz) will be taught at the Enrique Finot Teacher Training School and, in the afternoon, the book La ronda de la vida (a story for children), by the Bolivian Edmundo Torrejón, will be presented at 6:00 p.m. . The Peruvian Rosario Torres will launch an Anthology of Poetics for Children and Youth, at 7:00 p.m.. Both appointments will take place in the Gabriel René Moreno room of the Book Fair, in Fexpocruz.

Manuel Pena

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