Shareholders, with good news for dividends

These days the assemblies of the main Colombian companies are held and they present the results of a 2021 that showed good figures in terms of creconomic growth and that in the case of business, some figures, generally positive.

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Analysts consulted agree that in most companies with shares in the Colombian stock exchangethey are going to deliver to their partners some not insignificant figures that would add up to nearly $15 billion, most of these resources are part of Ecopetrol’s profits, which they will distribute to the Nation and to minorities.

And precisely the state oil company is one of the companies that will deliver the highest profitability to its shareholders, since the dividend margin is Ecopetrol’s 8.59%.

The board of directors of the state oil company decided distribute more than $11.5 billion of earnings as dividends. This is how the payment that will be proposed to the shareholders is $280 per share.

Of the $11.5 billion that will be distributed ecopetrol by way of dividends, the Nation, owner of 88.45% of the shares, corresponds to $10.18 billion and the rest to minority shareholders.

Valeria Álvarez, equity analyst at Itaú Comisionista de Bolsa, says that “this year will be characterized by an attractive dividend yield on the Colombian Stock Exchange. The recovery of the companies’ profits during 2021 allowed the companies to have a more aggressive dividend policy.”

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And it is that the dividend yield of companies on the stock market amounts to 6.3% on average and becomes more competitive in contrast to the region.

Brazil offers a dividend yield of almost 7.0%, while Chile, Peru and Mexico have a dividend yield of 5.38%, 3.7% and 3.5% respectively, reveals the Itaú specialist Stockbroker.

Among the companies that have a dividend yield above the market average are Bancolombia, GEB, Corficolombiana, Terpel, Celsia and Promigas offering a rate of 9.3%, 7.6%, 9.4%, 10%, 7.5% and 7.8% respectively.
For the analyst, it is important to highlight that companies belonging to the utilities sector usually have an attractive dividend yield, due to the nature of the business that provides stability in cash flow.

It indicates that in the case of Bancolombia, the proposed dividend this year was 90% higher than in 2019 and amounts to $3,120.

The foregoing thanks to the positive results of 2021, as well as a way to reward shareholders”, says the specialist.

In addition, he considers that given the current situation of wide volatility, it is worth reviewing this type of company that has an attractive dividend yield and is a way to hedge stock portfolios.

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For the financial and stock market analyst Sebastián Toro, founder of Arena Alfa, this year the dividends are going to be among the best on the stock market, with returns of up to 16%.
Indicates that each dividend has characteristics of the company and most are not taxed. “There is a tax payment but that is the range per person and that is a particular analysis”.

to the rhythm of a higher growth of the economybusiness results confirm this trend “because they are very good, with recovery of financial indicators and good profits,” says Omar Suárez, of the firm Casa de Bolsa.
He recalled that last year, in the midst of a pandemic, and with acceptable results, the Financial Superintendence forced banks not to distribute all profits in order to strengthen assets, since after having adopted the Basel III criteria (international regulatory framework for banks) there are important requirements in terms of assets, risks and coverage, among other aspects.


A report from Janus Henderson Investors says global dividends rose 14.7% in underlying terms, hitting a new record of $1.47 trillion.

In Latin America, Brazil, for example, posted a record $25.4 billion in 2021, fueled by large dividend payouts from mining and energy companies.
It says emerging markets saw a record $164.4bn in 2021, up 32% on an underlying basis. Ecopetrol is the only Colombian company in the Dividend Index.

The high level of dividends from the mining and energy sectors was also a driving factor in the increase in global dividends.

More than a quarter of the $212 billion annual dividend increase worldwide comes from miners, which have benefited from rising commodity prices. Record payouts from miners reflected strong profits. The mining sector distributed US$96.6 billion throughout the year, almost double the previous record set in 2019 and ten times more than during the 2015-16 slump.


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