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Seven Brazilian municipalities elect new mayors

Voters in Carapebus, Rio, choose new mayor on Sunday

More than 100,000 voters returned to the polls yesterday (7) to elect new mayors in seven Brazilian municipalities. The by-elections were defined by the Electoral Court to replace mayors and vice presidents elected in 2020, who had their candidacy records rejected in that election.

The biggest electoral process this Sunday took place in the municipality of Tomé-Açu, Pará, in which 36,034 voters mobilized in the city. Carlos da Vila Nova (PL) was elected with 20,426 votes, or 58.32% of the valid votes.

In Jaguaruana, Ceará, 23,276 people went to the polls. Elias do Sargento (PCdoB) was chosen with 11,603 votes (51.64%)

The city of João Dourado, in Bahia, mobilized 13,342 voters and the majority (56.08% or 7,319 votes) chose Di Cardoso (PL). Guamaré, in Rio Grande do Norte, was another municipality in the Northeast Region to return to the polls. The chosen one was Arthur (PSB), with 6,984 votes (61.16%).

In Carapebus, Rio de Janeiro, Bernard Tavares (Republicans) was elected mayor with 5,293 votes (53.14%). The other two municipalities with by-elections were Bandeirantes (MS), which elected Gustavo Sprotte (DEM), with 1,493 votes (36.25%), and Francisco Alves (PR), who chose Milena do Valtinho (PSDB), with 2,096 votes (49.35%).

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