Who are the 7 dissidents of the opposition in Deputies?

Who are the 7 dissidents of the opposition in Deputies?

Juan Pérez Munguía / La Paz

The deputies of the Citizen Community (CC) Edwin Rosas and Keyla Ortiz and those of Creemos Sandra Paz, Runny Callaú, Tito Caero, Omar Rueda and José Luis Durán are the seven dissidents who presented their own plate for the elections of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies.

These parliamentarians were classified as “turncoats” by their colleagues and processes against them are announced in their benches. In yesterday’s session, with votes from the MAS, Rosas obtained the second vice-presidency of Deputies and Paz the fourth secretary. Ortiz was not chosen.

Edwin Rosas was elected uninominal deputy for CC for the 40 district of Tarija. Before that, he was a member of the citizen group Unir of Governor Óscar Montes and later changed to the acronym Primero la Gente, led by Senator Rodrigo Paz.

According to local media, Rosas was denounced in February this year for the sale of lots in District 7, when he was president of the Departmental Federation of Neighborhood Councils. During the subnational elections, the legislator gave his support to the candidate for the MAS governor, Álvaro Ruiz.

Keyla Ortiz is a uninominal deputy of CC for constituency 60 of Beni. A few days ago, information about alleged rapprochements with the MAS circulated. His alternate, Herbert Taboada, filed a complaint against the parliamentarian. He affirmed that with resources from the legislature he rents an office from his father-in-law.

Sandra Paz is a multi-member deputy for Santa Cruz, belongs to the faction of Unión Cívica Solidaridad (UCS), which supported Governor Luis Fernando Camacho when he ran for President in the 2020 elections.

Already in the past administration, along with other parliamentarians of his acronym, he approached the MAS.

Tito Caero is a multi-member deputy for Santa Cruz. He was part of the Creemos parliamentarians who negotiated commissions with the ruling party in the last administration. He is a representative of the Santa Cruz unions.

José Luis Durán is a uninominal deputy for the 46 district of Santa Cruz. He was a civil servant during the administration of Angélica Sosa and supported Camacho. It belongs to UCS.

In social networks, circulates a complaint against him for debts. The complaint refers to the fact that he rented a property, for which he only had to pay for electricity and water services, but allegedly did not comply with this commitment.

Omar Rueda is a uninominal deputy for the 48 district of Santa Cruz. He was a member of the Democrats as a representative of Plan 3,000. Later, he went on to support Camacho and the candidacy of Jhonny Fernández.

Runny Callaú is a uninominal deputy for the 50 district of Santa Cruz. In the past administration, he formed a commission in the parliamentary institution that he represents with the ruling party.

In 2019 he was a candidate for CC. For the 2020 elections, he joined the Creemos ranks as part of the UCS faction.

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