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Sendic between the demons “inside and those outside”


Around noon last Friday, the former vice president of Uruguay, during the Vázquez government, announced his departure from the Politics. Raúl Sendic placed through a public letter, his cessation of activity.

Her career took a 180 degree turn, when she was forced to resign as vice president, after the well-known episodes of Ancap’s corporate card and its title.

His own political force condemned the use he made of corporate cards during his tenure at Ancap. In addition, with public knowledge of the company’s deficit, plus his university degree episode, they finished blowing up the ground for Raúl Sendic.

Regarding this episode, the former vice president of Uruguay stated the following: “All the demons were unleashed…, insiders and outsiders, and in 2017, tired of so much groping and trying not to harm the course of the government, I resigned from the Vice, I was never tied to any armchair.

Later in his letter, he stated: “I endured a virulent campaign that was unleashed from politics and from the press. From inside and from outside… How many times have I heard leaders of the FA say ‘if I were Sendic I would do this or that…’ and I put that aside without responding, as I did not respond to many insults of all kinds that were launched from different places».

“None Can”

No one can be Sendic because each one of us is the child of the circumstances that they had to live and many of those who spoke did not experience a good part of the things that I had to live. I have maintained a respectful silence, not only for the leaders but also for the thousands of Frente Amplio members who have held the flag high throughout the country, “he said about these turbulent episodes of his passing through the political life of Uruguay.

He assured that he has “an enormous peace of mind, I was in very important places and I am proud to have left without a penny, beyond the stupidities that some repeat out of malice or ignorance about the 800 million, the ranches or the service stations of Sendick. The grievance of some or many cannot drag us all into the same mud. Each one in its place”.

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