Senator Moreira (UDI) denounced the hacking of his phone and assured that “they are asking for money in my name”

Senator Iván Moreira (UDI) announced that his cell phone was hacked by unknown persons, who are posing as him and are requesting money from his contacts.

The information was given by the parliamentarian himself via Twitter, where he also asked that his contact be eliminated “for a couple of days” while he resolves the situation. Added to this, he reported the filing of a complaint and that the PDI is close to finding those responsible.

“Hello. My cell phone was hacked and they are asking for money in my name. Please do not make any money transfers and delete my contact for a couple of days,” Moreira wrote.

“I report that my WhatsApp was hacked and they are asking for money on my behalf. I filed the complaint along with other senators and the PDI is close to the culprits,” said the parliamentarian.

Hours later, Senator José Miguel Insulza (PS) denounced having been a victim of the same situation. “No one is free from cyber crimes like WhatsApp hacking. Today it happened to me. Be very careful with your information,” he wrote via Twitter.

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