After doubling registration prices, the rise in 2023 would be stronger

After doubling registration prices, the rise in 2023 would be stronger

Inflation continued to rise in the last month of last year and closed with a result of 13.12% and the Education is one of the sectors that does not escape this phenomenon. that has hit homes.

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With data from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), the annual variation (2022) of this item was 5.98%, with a contribution of only 0.24 percentage points to the total indicator, but it was 2.17 times the result of the previous year, which was 2.76%.

And although the figure does not sound alarming, in the breakdown by categories there are different divisions that doubled and even quintupled, as is the case of books and the list of school supplies, which by 2022 (annual data), obtained a variation of 5.24%, while for the same period of the previous year the figure was 0.34%. Which implies that the data was 15.41 times higher.

Looking towards textbooks or class guides, which include those of literature, poetry, or those that are required in the classroom, they also increased their pricess. The 2022 annual variation of this category was 3.90%while that of the previous year was 0.64%, which means that it increased 6.09 times more from one year to the next.

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in front of enrollment and enrollment in technical, technological and university careers, the variation data for 2022 reached 5.72%, presenting an increase, since for 2021 the figure was negative, at -6.56%. Regarding other expenses in higher education, last year the figure was 4.36%, while in 2021 it was 2.67%.

Likewise, in Regarding school transport, this item also presented increases. According to Dane, by 2022 the category closed with a variation of 7.17%. However, in 2021 the figure was 5.06%. This represented an increase of 1.41 times.

Other subclasses that added to the total education data were payments for homework advisories and classes taught by individuals. For 2022 the variation was 3.41%, while for 2021, it closed at 1.64%, which implies that between one year and the next it doubled.

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In the same way, The rise in the costs of preschool and basic education reached 6.29% last year compared to 6.22% presented in 2021.

Additionally, in the case of secondary education, this subclass presented increases in its figures reaching 6.44% in 2022, unlike the data of 5.29% in 2021.


Added to this bullish outlook, there are currently various concerns because the current year trend remains the same.

According to the president of the National Confederation of Family Parents, Carlos Ballesteros, there are three aspects that the sector looks at with concern, such as the general block of increases that education will undergo in 2023 for private schools and kindergartens, for which what is there to take into account the three regimes: monitored, controlled and regulated.

In these three schemes there is a difference in the increase in the cost of tuition and pension, which ranges between 11.09% and 11.59%. That depends on the schools and it is where parents should be attentive to verify and request a copy of the resolution that authorized the increase in educational costs for 2023”, he assured.

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Additionally, the Confederation foresees an accumulated increase in education costs of almost 72%, taking into account the increase in enrollment and the increase in the minimum wage, in addition to the engines that are driving the rise in the CPI of the sector.

For Ballesteros, these situations jeopardize the constitutional guarantee of the right to education, the financial balance of families and the bankruptcy of institutions.
This taking into account that by 2020 more than 70 schools and kindergartens in the country were closed; in 2021 between 70 and 100 and by 2022 the account was in the same order. The foregoing because the parents do not have sufficient ability to pay, since they lost their jobs due to the closure of different companies, he indicated.




Proposals for basic and secondary education

According to the president of the National Confederation of Family Parents, Carlos Ballesteros, one of the proposals, given the increases in education costs, is that the parents reach an agreement with the rectors, owners of private schools or academic councils so that the increases are as little negative as possible for families.

“Parents, we are the ones who are going to cover the educational costs,” he said after assuring that the Ministry of Education did not listen to them to make the decision of the increase. Another suggestion consists of the creation of a fund by the Ministry “to mitigate the impacts on families that do not have the ability to pay.”

Ballesteros was emphatic that the portfolio should ensure that, through the national budget,l, there is a permanent reserve of $1 billion, to serve families“especially those of stratum 1, 2, 3 and 4”.


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