Senador critica accionar presidente de CC; cuestiona al Congreso

Senator criticizes actions of the President of the Chamber of Accounts and questions the lack of response from Congress

Santo Domingo – The senator from La Romana, Ivan Silvaquestioned the way in which the president of the Chamber of Accounts acted, dividing the plenary session and incorrectly facing accusations against him, as well as the lack of answers that have been offered from the National Congress.

The legislator indicated that he was critical from the beginning of the political, democratic, ethical and social reasons on which the leaders of the ruling caucus were based to choose the current plenary session of the Chamber of Accounts.

“None of them could answer my questions about reliability, efficiency and effectiveness” said the legislator at the time of formulating whether the chosen profiles had the necessary qualities.

After the election process was concluded and after the scandal that occurred to internal members of the Chamber of Accounts, the senator pointed against the president of the Bicameral Commission that is studying the draft Organic Law of the Chamber of Accounts, who has not offered answers to what happened .

“I am still waiting for the President of the Bicameral Commission to study the Organic Law project of the Chamber of Accounts, which is being known by both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to explain to the country and to both Chambers the crime novel to which we are attending”, he criticized.

Regarding this situation, he described the fact as a division of the plenary session made by the president of the Chamber of Accounts, who later “gangs with three members, and shamelessly announces an agreement of three against two, but then, with the same impudence , announces another agreement with the five members”.

“I was unaware that an official could decide after being sworn in, when to comply with the law and when to stop complying with it, and even allow himself the license to form related groups, outside the law, within public institutions, whose decisions are collegial,” he questioned.

Given this, Silva warned that allowing this behavior to run unchecked would open up the possibilities for other entities with the same or different responsibilities to engage in similar behavior.

“We ask for restraint and tact from the leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party, with these games contrary to the democratic and ethical virtues that we proclaim so much, and thus we would prevent the more than deserved authority from ending up being a shame to receive it,” he concluded.

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