Senate elects Gustavo Santander as new Minister of the Court

Senate elects Gustavo Santander as new Minister of the Court

Every March 31, the “World Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day” is remembered, with the aim that society learns more about the disease, its symptoms, forms of prevention and detection studies.

He Prof. Dr. Rubén Domínguez, from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA, specialist in coloproctology of the II Chair of Surgical Clinic (Room IV) of the Hospital de Clínicas, said that colon cancer is one of those that appear silently, most of the Sometimes because the patient downplays the symptoms too much importance.

warning signs

Before any symptom, be it bleeding when defecating, bleeding from the anus without defecating or some other type of fluid, as well as constipation or alternating between diarrhea and constipationor without other accompanying symptoms, they must call the attention of the patient and go to the early consultation with a coloproctologist.

“It is important to know that no bleeding or presence of other fluids from the anus is normal, nor to think that it is a little wound or injury nothing more. Any bleeding or fluid that appears from the anus, whether pus or mucus, other than fecal matter, are signs that we should take as an alarm and go to consult a coloproctologist, because it may be masking some other pathology of cancer in formation. ”, warned the specialist.


Healthy habits play an important role as the good diet and high consumption of fibers, fruits, salads and drinking plenty of water. Do not abuse red meat and consume more white meat such as chicken and fish; avoid highly seasoned foods and sausages that generally have many preservatives that can be irritating.

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Another important factor is the medical checkchecks on all from the age of 45, in patients who do not have a history of colon cancer in the family. Now, for those with background consultation and prevention studies are recommended, which is the colonoscopy, starting at age 40.

“They are important incident factors of the colorectal cancer, smoking, alcoholism and a sedentary lifestyle that leads to overweight; bad habits that must be combated by adopting a healthier lifestyle such as a diet rich in fiber, physical activity and drinking plenty of water, which are very important for the prevention of the disease”.


The indicated study to determine colon cancer is colonoscopy. The Hospital de Clínicas offers this type of study in the Endoscopy Service, where patients can go, after consulting the Coloproctology Clinic for an evaluation and indication of the study.


The Coloproctology Clinic is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the Hospital de Clínicas Clinic Tower. Patients who wish to consult can do so directly, prior scheduling via Call Center at: 021 3399366/68 and 021 3399371, Monday through Friday, from 07:00 to 17:00.

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