Acodeco detects more than 23,000 anomalies in businesses

Judith Pena | March 27, 2023

More than 23,000 anomalies were detected by Acodeco in commercial premises between January and February 2023.

According to the Authority for Consumers and Defense of Competition (Acodeco), the sale of expired products was one of the most detected anomalies throughout the country with 20,110 products with expired dates.

In total, Acodeco’s verifiers identified 23,705 anomalies among which are, in addition to expired products, 2,212 that did not have the expiration date; 582 missing prices on sight; 535 damaged or damaged products; 100 with other irregularities.

Similarly, they found 14 items with an unclear date and 3 with a double price. Also, in the verifications of Executive Decree 16 of 2022, on marketing margins of some imported products, 44 faults were detected and 98 that did not present the corresponding invoices.

Another fault found was in 7 25-pound gas cylinders that were misused.

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