They denounce the detention of another 23 Cubans in Serbia and an extortion attempt

They denounce the detention of another 23 Cubans in Serbia and an extortion attempt

A group of 23 Cubans has been detained since March 24 in Belgrade. Through his YouTube channelMH Europa, denounced that the migrants from the island arrived on a flight at the Serbian airport, a country they “intended to enter as tourists”, but they withheld their papers and demanded 300 euros each to process a visa, which “does not exist”.

According to the free visa agreement between Cuba and Serbia, in force since 1966, citizens of both countries can travel and stay up to three months as tourists. However, MH Europa has denounced since April last year the problems that the natives of the Island have faced when trying to enter the country and from this point continue the journey to the European Union. “The reality is that Serbia doesn’t want any more Cubans,” she said.

A Cuban told this youtuber that his sister and her husband left the Island on March 23 with their documents in order and during their stopover in Germany they had no problem, it was until they arrived in Serbia that they took their papers and “put them in a little room” , where they have been given “water, toast and cereal” for breakfast.

The authorities of the air terminal indicated that the newly married couple had no problem with the documentation, but since there were many Cubans on the flight they arrived on, they were detained. As this woman learned, last Saturday they tried to extort passengers by demanding 300 euros, “it is an injustice.”

“Most people are without internet, without telephone cables, without being able to communicate with relatives,” reported the sister of the Cuban woman who planned to spend her honeymoon in Serbia. “So that they have an idea of ​​how they are and they are not going to let any of them out.” There is fear that they will keep them like this until they are deported.

Among the people arrested are Adrián Miche Carmenate Jiménez, 26, Reinol Ruiz Ojito (34), Yelina Pérez Pérez (38), Yunior Antonio Forester Herrera (24), Luis Armando Sabourin Iznaga (21), Selena Torres Reyes (22) , Héctor Michael Casares Olivares (25), Luis Roberto Brittany Blanco (25) and Eliecer Rosa Martínez (26).

Last week, 14ymedio reported that the Serbian immigration authorities allowed the entry of 19 Cubans who were detained at the Nikola Tesla airport. Eight others were deported and the fate of at least eight others remained unknown.


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