Senate approves anti-money laundering controls in soccer clubs

The Chamber of Senators approved the bill that modifies articles 13, 25 and 28 of Law 1,015/97, “What prevents and suppresses illicit acts aimed at the legitimization of money or goods, modified by Law 3783/09 and Law 6797/21”.

In other words, the initiative seeks to include clubs and tobacco companies within the Obliged Subjects (SO) of anti-money laundering controls. It now goes to the Chamber of Deputies. It was treated on tables on the date, after previously constituting the plenary session in commission.

With 39 votes in favor, two against and 4 absent, the initiative promoted by Édgar Acosta, a national deputy for the PLRA, prospered.

The striking thing was that only a day before, the Chamber of Deputies had sent the project to the file.

Desirée Masi, national senator for the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), said that the project was signed by Buzarquis, Rasmussen, Querey, Santacruz, Apuril, Aquino, Esperanza Martínez and Masi herself.

“This project is the same one that was discussed in the Chamber of Deputies. I spoke with some of the drafting deputies and I thank them. We already approved at the time without discussion. It is to include in the restrictive list of Obliged Subjects (SO), article 13 of the Seprelad law, where financial banks and more are located, ”he explained.

Masi explained that if the bill is rejected again in the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate only needs 23 votes to ratify its version.

Salyn Buzarquis, national senator for the PLRA, stressed that soccer works like a great laundry in our country and in the region.

“It strikes me that projects like these are rejected in the Chamber of Deputies because there are many employees of the Tabesa group. People from the Colorado Party and people who claim to be from the Liberal Party. They charge monthly bonuses. This was naturalized and the Prosecutor’s Office never investigated these facts, ”she questioned.

The Obliged Subject (SO) is each natural and/or legal person subject to the obligations established in the national AML/CFT laws.

Law No. 3783/09, amending Law No. 1015/97, establishes in Art. 13.- Obliged subjects the following 19 entities: Banks, finance companies, insurance companies, exchange houses; stock exchanges, investment companies, mandate companies, mutual investment and retirement fund administrators, cooperatives, real estate companies, those that operate games of chance; non-profit organizations (NPOs), pawn shops, government entities; non-financial activities and professions, natural or legal persons who habitually engage in financial intermediation, trading in jewelry, stones and precious metals, art objects and antiques, philatelic or numismatic investment; and, those that carry out acts of commerce in general, that imply transfers of money or values, whether formal or informal, in accordance with the provisions of this law.

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