Congress refuses to question Aníbal Torres again

Aníbal Torres: “social changes are not made overnight, but they have to start now”

The boss of , assured that social changes “do not take place overnight”, but they have to start now without distinction of ideologies, religion, social class, culture and languages.

During the inauguration of the XVI Decentralized Council of Ministers in the city of Tacna, he indicated that all Peruvians have fundamental rights that will go “conquering little by little”.

“In 200 years of republican life, one sector of society discriminated against the other, the largest, despised it, did not consider it, as if it were also part of the country, despite the fact that this sector, its ancestors, gave their lives for the country. , but the homeland was foreign to them”he expressed.

“Social changes don’t happen overnight, but it has to start now. Now we are all Peruvians, without distinction of ideologies, religion, social class, culture, languages. All of us who live in this territory are Peruvians and we have fundamental rights that we will conquer little by little”he added.

In that sense, Torres Vásquez asked to stop thinking that things are solved overnight and that they should be resolved according to the resources that the fiscal box has.

“The people have to know that the system is not afraid of poverty, it wants to live with poverty, it wants to benefit from poverty. The system fears the educated people. We have to start by giving priority number 1 to education”he underlined.

The Prime Minister also specified that there may be different ideologies, but all the more reason “discuss civilly” and thinking about Peru and Tacna, putting the flags first and putting the interests of the population first.


Ferdinand Silva

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