Pucmm graduates 639 new professionals

Pucmm graduates 639 new professionals

The Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher (wow) held this Saturday the 106th investiture act at its Santiago campus, a solemn act in which the main speaker was the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña.

In total, 639 professionals from different areas of knowledge graduated, of which 421 are women, for 65.88%, and 218 are men, for 34.12%.

In the main speech, the deputy president highlighted the role that universities play in adapting to the new challenges of life, training new professionals ready to provide quality service to the country.

“We celebrate the fruit of your efforts, I recognize your perseverance and sacrifice to complete your careers, that is what the country needs, people who overcome circumstances, COVID-19, changed everything, it has made us reformulate our thinking” Raquel Peña expressed.

The official highlighted the role of the government in achieving economic growth in the face of all the adversities of the pandemic and wars. Just as universities have done, to continue training professionals virtually.

During the ceremony, they highlighted the first group of graduates of the career, Superior Technician in Nursing and Master’s Degree in Food Service Management.

With this graduation the number of academy graduates rises to 93,764.

The rector of the university, Reverend Father Dr. Secilio Espinal, also spoke at the ceremony, who after congratulating the graduates stressed that the wow It is among the best universities with the highest rating for the high degree of employability of its graduates.

“The wow It is today one of the universities in the country to enter the world ranking of QS universities, standing out for having the best employability rates for its graduates”.

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