Javier García will appear in front of Parliament for the rejection of the Venezuelan plane

The Defense Minister, Javier García, will appear this Monday at 2:00 p.m. Front of Defense Committee of the Chamber of Senators for him refusal of entry into the country of the plane of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur last June 8, held since that date in Argentina along with its 19 passengers, fourteen Venezuelans and five Iranians.

García’s appearance was requested by the wide front, to find out the reasons for rejecting the plane. The hierarch detailed on Twitter that he called Senator Carlos Camy, president of the Defense Commission, this Friday to speed up the citation.

García was the one who decided to reject the entry of the aircraft, who had arrived in Argentina on June 6 from Caracas. On June 7 they tried to return to Caracas, but both YPF and Shell refused to supply fuel to the vehicleso they decided to go the day after to Uruguay,

When the plane left Uruguay accepted the flight planbut after a call from the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, to García, in which he informed him of the information on the plane provided by Paraguay, the Minister of Defense quickly decided to deny the entry of the ship from Venezuelan flag to the country.

“For us it was highly inconvenient that this plane arrived without any object and for no reason in our country. It came to refuel because they did not refuel it in Argentina. And why didn’t they charge him? That is part of the investigation that will be done in Argentina,” Heber said at a press conference this Friday.

The chief acknowledged that from Paraguay, the country where the plane was in May, he was notified that the plane was “sanctioned” by the United States having been from the Mahan Air company and its crew had “ties” with the Al Quds force. This Thursday the Minister of Intelligence of Paraguay, Esteban Aquino, confirmed that Gholamreza Gashemi, the pilot of the plane, belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The passenger of the plane, Víctor Pérez Gómez, general manager of Emtrasur Operations, accused the Uruguayan authorities of having “criminally prevented an internationally agreed technical stopover” in a complaint against the Argentine government for its actions in the case.

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