Venezuelan plane raid was illegal

Venezuelan plane raid was illegal

The Airport Security Police (PSA) of Argentina carried out a very serious raid on the Venezuelan Emtrasur aircraft -which is foreign territory- without a court order, reported the news portal Page 12.

The crew members of the seized plane wrote a statement in which they stated that “the crime under investigation has not yet been determined” and in turn raised their voices of protest at the way in which the case has been approached by most of the media. of Argentine communication.

The statement emphasized that “they did not deign to find out that the crew is training with the Iranian pilots who flew that ship since 1986.

The 5 Iranian citizens who have been piloting that ship and now training our crew members have crossed different borders without having any problem with any immigration or police authority.”

In that operation, carried out at the beginning of last week, which was denounced in court by the Venezuelan company, 60 agents participated, some of them camouflaged, with dogs and scanners.

Only this Thursday night and early Friday morning was the inspection really ordered by the judge.

The PSA, according to information from the Argentine portal, spread suspicions by contacting the opposition media, but without providing any documentation on alleged irregularities both in the aircraft and with the identity and activities of its crew.

Also, this Thursday Interpol certified in writing that none of the crew members are required internationally for any legal case related to terrorism, as reported by some Venezuelan and international opposition media.

In this context, the crew members of the Boeing 747 make a call to justice so that a situation that causes “serious damage to the affected families and to the company” is resolved quickly.

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