INAI: Semarnat must reveal the authorization for section 5 of the Mayan Train

INAI: Semarnat must reveal the authorization for section 5 of the Mayan Train

“This review resource is related to information regarding the modifications of section 5 of the Mayan Train, in Playa del Carmen, which has undergone at least seven adjustments since the original project was presented,” said Commissioner Norma Julieta del Río Venegas. in session of the organ of transparency.

The INAI sent a statement about the session in which it issued the resolution to urge Semarnat to deliver as public information the documents that support the authorization for the construction of the Mayan Train to continue in an area with ecosystems.

Del Río Venegas emphasized that the initial investment for the construction of the Mayan Train was around 120,000 million pesos, and that it is one of the megaprojects considered a priority and promoted by the federal administration, for this reason “the importance of transparency and that citizens know this information, since it is a matter of national interest”.

Although the information on the Mayan Train was included in the provisions of the agreement by which the projects and infrastructure works of the government are declared to be of national security and public interest, the decree was challenged by the INAI, before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), so the information must be disclosed.

This section of the railway has caused much controversy due to the environmental impact it may have in the area, to the extent that a judge ordered its suspension.

Collectives and activists have requested on several occasions that the works not continue until they have the necessary documentation and the corresponding evaluations, however changes and progress have been made in the construction of the train without authorization.

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