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SDE City Council signs agreement to recycle plastic with renewable energy

The Parley Dominicana organization signed an agreement that seeks to raise awareness about the management of solid waste in the municipality.

With the objective of promote recycling through the use of renewable energythe East Santo Domingo City Hall and the Dominican Parley organization they signed an agreement with which it seeks to raise awareness about the management of solid waste in the municipality.

With the signing of the agreement, the institution becomes the first in the country to install a collection center that works with renewable energy, through the “Prevention of Marine Waste in the Caribbean Sea (PROMAR)” project.

The initiative includes the use of electric vehicles and motorcycles for the collection of solid waste that compromises the marine environment.

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The collection center will also be available to the citizens so they can deposit their plastic waste there, always complying with the pre-established recycling standards.

The agreement was signed by the mayor Manuel Jiménez and the director of Parley RD, Eddy Frank Vásquez Sánchez in an act in which the municipal executive affirmed his commitment to the creation of initiatives that contribute to solving the garbage problem definitively.

He indicated that the institution he directs will always be open to integrating viable projects that contribute to the proper management of solid waste into its execution.

“We have a commitment to convert Santo Domingo Este into a great city and for that, those who live here will live in a Fair and Creative City.

That includes making it more cultural, cleaner, and we will do it by breaking all the schemes that have historically delayed the city’s progress,” said Mayor Manuel Jiménez, after pointing out that when a viable solution or project arises to improve the city, it will always be welcomed by the management.

For his part, Eddy Frank Vásquez Sánchez, director of Parley RD, showed his enthusiasm with the project, through which the entity he directs and the City Council will join forces with a view to contributing to the environment, mainly by cleaning rivers.

The Parley RD executive indicated that the pilot plan will begin near the Ozama River, as it is the area with the most impact in East Santo Domingo.

The innovative project is the first of its kind installed in the country and includes the use of 10 electric motorcycles for the collection of recyclable waste house by house, whose collection center will have propellable energy and solar panels.

The initiative includes the design of a municipal education and awareness strategy that promotes the prevention of marine litter and the use of the temporary collection center by citizens.

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the representative of Promar, Eddy Rosado, a specialist in circular economy, the directors of Urban Cleaning, Edgar Minyeti, of the City Council’s Environment, Demetrio Sánchez, of Security, Fausto Ortiz, of Youth, Junior Santana, and the director of Sustainable People RD, Ovelis Moreno.

About Parley RD

It is an international institution that coordinates the largest beach and river cleaning network in the Dominican Republic.

It aims to address the global marine plastic pollution crisis through creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation, providing a space and network where creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can put an end to their destruction.

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