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Scare after false bomb threat in the Court of Fernando de la Mora

Shortly before noon it was learned about an alleged bomb threat in the Court of the city of Fernando de la Morafact that generated concern among officials, visitors and judges They had to be evacuated from the building.

The alert originated after a cleaning worker has found a note at one of the tables located near the main entrance. She herself had written the phrase: “Oh bomb, resign Molas (sic)”.

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The Commissioner Carlos Acosta confirmed to channel C9N that the threat was dismissed after explosives specialists and a bomb detector can make an inspection in different offices without detecting any device.

It is presumed that The note was addressed to Justice of the Peace Natalia Molastaking into account the last name that appears at the bottom of the sheet, that had letters pasted by hand.

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for a few hours A blockade of the street located in front of the Fernandino court was carried out as a preventive measureuntil the threat has been completely ruled out.

There are no closed-circuit cameras inside the building.so that the task of identifying the person is complicated who could have left the note.

The entrance Scare after false bomb threat in the Court of Fernando de la Mora was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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