Ranchers donate milk and police distribute to residents in Arequipa (VIDEO)

Ranchers donate milk and police distribute to residents in Arequipa (VIDEO)

Instead of throwing away fresh milk, the farmers of Aplao in the province of Catilla they donated at least 600 liters from product to Police to take care of the distribution between citizens of different areas.

The troops of the place transferred the milk to the sectors considered vulnerable such as Alto La Barranca, Cosos, Acoyamong others, to distribute among the neighbors, who gladly received the fresh milk.

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Both the police and the residents appreciated the gesture. However, It is unknown how much longer this action will take place.considering that logistical material is required for the support.

The fresh milk was donated by the Aplao farmers, who cannot sell because of the fire in Gloria

The Ranchers from Castilla and from other provinces such as Caylloma, Condesuyos give away milk, several days ago, initially due to road blockades and later as a result of the fire at the Gloria plant, located in Majes.

The company Gloria informed that there is still no date to restore the activity of the company, because the damage to the infrastructure, storage vehicles, laboratory, among others, were rendered useless.


Aplao police distribute milk to neighbors

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