Scammed by her ex-partner, this is how Miss María would be after her moment of fame

Maria Luisa Fuentes Burgosthe transgender peasant woman from the municipality of Boavita (Boyacá) who rose to fame after being the protagonist of a documentary that was recognized by international film critics, would have serious problems-

Apparently her ex Richard Varela he would have tricked her into taking her land.

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According to the advisory counselor of Boyacá, Yudi Vega, the subject has in his possession the two properties that belong to María in the municipality of Boavita.

For its part, miss mary he just wants his land back, but Varela has pledged the land for $10 million since April of last year.

“That guy cheated on me. He told me: ‘please and sign here’. I signed him. Later he told me to go to the notary’s office. He told me: ‘write me the deed to buy your apartment’, noted in an interview.

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According to Vega herself, although an approach was made to transfer the land, in the end it did not happen.

“She is in a precarious situation, as she has been in shelters and from the advisory council of women in Boyacá they are trying to contact her because she requires a mental health intervention,” he concluded.

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