Carlos Polit arrested in Miami for money laundering

The information was released by the American newspaper El Nuevo Herald. The former comptroller would have appeared virtually before a judge on Tuesday.

A publication of the American newspaper El Nuevo Herald announced the arrest of the Former Ecuadorian Comptroller Carlos Pólit on Miami (United States) under the charge of money laundering. According to the note, Polit it’s found arrested in federal prison after being arrested on Monday, March 28, 2022.

This Tuesday (March 29), according to the same source, the former comptroller He appeared before a judge through videoconference and is scheduled to do so again on Friday (April 1) to try to get him released with the payment of a bail. The reading of charges is still pending.

Prosecutors Michael Berger and Alex Kramer said they aim to keep Polit behind bars during his trial, but indicated they may be open to the possibility of him being released on parole. bail. His defense attorney, Fernando Tamayo, told Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Becerra that the parties were working on a package of bail that may be acceptable to the prosecution.

Polit he is also required in Ecuador, where he is accused of requesting the payment between 2010 and 2015 of $6 million in bribes in exchange for vanishing glosses against the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. It would also have requested $4.1 million for issuing favorable reports from the Comptroller regarding projects in strategic sectors: Manduricu (December 2011); Daule-Vínces (April 2012); Pacific Refinery (August 2012); La Esperanza Aqueduct (September 2013) and Pascuales Cuenca (October 2013).

Therefore, the former comptroller He was sentenced to 6 years in prison for the crime of concussion on June 6, 2018. For this reason, he faces an extradition request from Ecuador. (DLH)

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