Superintendente de Bancos destaca el papel del sistema financiero

SB begins day to identify 6,000 savers of entities in liquidation

The Superintendence of Banks (SB) launched the second stage of its campaign Money seeks owner, whose objective is to identify users with accounts or certificates in entities in the process of liquidation to return their resources.

This time the institution is trying to identify 6,000 savers who have deposits of about RD$400 million in 10 financial institutions.

On this occasion, the SB summons the depositors of Financiera Finajure, S. A, Banco Hipotecario Miramar, SA, Banco Regional Dominicano, SA, Banco Corporativo Internacional, SA, Loans and Financing of the North, SA, Banco de Desarrollo y Capital, SA (DEFISA), Banco Inmobiliario Dominicano, SA, Banco Continental de Desarrollo, SA, Financiera Centro Créditos, SA, and Banco de los Trabajadores Dominicanos, SA

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As part of the efforts to locate the depositors of the financial institutions included in the program, the supervisory body activated a query tool on the website of the User Services and Protection Office (ProUsuario).

People who consider that they belong to this group of savers can access and validate your information. In cases where the account holder has died, the closest relatives may request the return of the resources from the SB, presenting the pertinent documentation in the validation process.

In its first phase, the SB delivered RD$26 million to 128 savers from 24 entities that had ceased operations and were in the process of liquidation or dissolution.

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