Santa Fe recovered 19,000 jobs and achieved the highest employment growth in the country

Santa Fe recovered 19,000 jobs and achieved the highest employment growth in the country

Construction: one of the sectors that drives the rise in employment.

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The province of Santa Fe recovered almost 19,000 jobs last year and it is the one that registered the highest growth in the countryin a context of economic reactivation, reported sources from the National Ministry of Labor and the head of the Santa Fe Production portfolio, Daniel Costamagna.

In Santa Fe, the total number of salaried workers registered in the private sector corresponding to November 2021 expanded 3.9% in relation to the same month of 2020, which represented a recovery of practically 19,000 jobs.

This increase in the number of registered workers exceeded that observed at the national level, a situation that has been verified since the beginning of 2021.

According to Labor data, in Santa Fe private employment grew in the last 17 months and is currently 2.8% above the records prior to the start of the pandemic.

From this perspective, Santa Fe is the jurisdiction that presents the best national rates of job expansion, which even grew in the number of workers in the months prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

In this sense, Costamagna told the newspaper La Capital that “Santa Fe is not only above the national average in terms of growth in the industrial sector, but also in the generation of formal employment.”

He stressed that “there is continuous growth in economic activity, even with forecasts for 2022 similar to 2021”, and pointed out that “this growth has to do with a rise of more than 20% accumulated in the same period in the last year” .

He also indicated that “although there were sectors that led and drove that growth, there are others that, as in the case of clothing, have grown more than 50%”.

Likewise, the head of the productive portfolio stressed that “also there is an increase in exports in a percentage higher than that of economic activityaccording to the Provincial Institute of Statistics and Censuses (IPEC), around 50%, which places them at the top of the last seven years”.

“That is, 2021 was the year in which the most was exported in the last seven years”the official pointed out.

He explained that “this growth occurs because there are more and more SMEs that export, an increase in value-added exports and the development of technological processes that make our companies more competitive in international markets.”

He also stressed that “this growth is not temporary, but is based on permanent articulation with the national ministries of Agriculture and Productive Development, which provide support in a financing and investment scheme that is really important.”

According to data from the Labor Indicators Survey of the National Ministry of Labor, In Argentina, registered private employment rose 0.4% in November and in one year the improvement reaches 1.4%.

The report highlighted that, compared to the months of November in previous years, you have to go back to 2013 to find a monthly increase in employment of the same magnitude as the current one.

In this sense, the provincial Minister of Labor, Juan Manuel Pusineri, declared to the Rosario radio station LT8 that “until September 2021, Santa Fe had 493,082 registered workers, a figure that indicated an improvement in relation to the 477,082 in the same month of the year. previous.

Also, he highlighted that “The sectors that are driving employment, both in Greater Rosario and Greater Santa Fe, are construction and manufacturing.”

“According to the Labor Indicators Survey (updated to October), Greater Rosario showed the second best level of interannual employment recovery, in private companies with more than 10 employees,” Pusineri said.

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