Argentine family denounces that he suffered a stroke in Bolivia and was denied care in public hospitals

Argentine family denounces that he suffered a stroke in Bolivia and was denied care in public hospitals

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A family from Salta denounced to the Argentine media that their father suffered a stroke in Bolivia and the medical attention was far from what was expected. While public hospitals denied him care, the private center that received him issued a bill for the assistance, which the Argentines considered high.

It all started with a vacation. The couple from Salta decided to come to our country to attend the pilgrimage for the Virgin of Urkupiña. However, Orlando Ibáñez began to decompensate and his wife, Nilda Ruiz, decided to call the emergency room.

Without giving details about the exact place where they were, the couple’s daughter said that instead of an ambulance a fire truck arrived and that in one of the medical centers they were even told that they would not clear a bed “to put an Argentine” .

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“My dad, before arriving at the procession, fainted and fell in the middle of the street. (…) They passed by several public hospitals and none wanted to receive him. The driver got out to show his face and spoke with one of the doctors. They told him that they were not going to take a person out of them to put in an Argentine,” the daughter told Voces Críticas.

They then decided to go to a private center in the hope that they could treat him. They did, but the sum was so high for their budget that they had to put their car up for sale to pay for it.

“They received my dad. They made my mom sign a promissory note saying that they had to pay for the hospitalization and that they were going to have him for 12 hours. They put my dad in therapy and, in total, we spent $180,000,” he said. the daughter, while Ruiz maintained that they asked her for more money to continue in the intensive care unit, so she asked her children to sell the car.

Finally, the man was able to be transferred to Salta on a medical flight, where he remained hospitalized for three months.

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