"Santa Cruz will not add much to Peña"

“Santa Cruz will not add much to Peña”

Pedro Alliana, president of the Colorado party (ANR), posted on his social networks a photograph where Roque Santa Cruz is seen participating in a meeting with Horacio Cartes.

“Night with great friends. There is a team ”, was the message that accompanied the image. In it, Horacio Cartes, Pedro Alliana, Santiago Peña, Roque Santa Cruz and Martín Admen, executive of one of the former president’s companies, are seen.

The head of the lower house was approached by journalists before the start of the ordinary session yesterday. When asked about the political agreements that they closed with the Olympia footballer, he limited himself to answering that there were no such agreements, and that the only thing that remained was a “piqui volleyball challenge with him and Ricardo Tavarelli in his fifth”.

“Politically there is nothing yet. We talk about everything a bit. It was a gathering of friends. We talk about football more than politics. He is affiliated with the Colorado Party and the possibility that he can join us is going to bring a lot of strength, ”he said.

He stressed that the possible incorporation of the footballer to the “Honor Colorado” movement will be very positive.

According to press reports, the Olimpia footballer could be Santiago Peña’s vice president for the 2023 presidential elections. In this regard, Alliana affirmed that to date, he is the vice president and even has the support of Peña. But in case you are asked to get off the plate, you would have no problem doing so.

Regarding the candidacy of Abdo Benítez, national president of the ANR, he indicated that it will be unconstitutional. However, he considers that he only manifested it to avoid a disbanding of his movement due to the candidacy of Hugo Velázquez.

“I had to speak to him several times. I don’t think I have such intentions. I think he does it so that those who do not support Velázquez do not leave. He is feeling that his vice president does not have the support of his team. It is a way to stop that run that may be in your movement, “he said.

Hugo Estigarribia, a political analyst, pointed out that these rapprochements between Cartes and Roque have been taking place for a long time.

“It is still premature to speak of an involvement,” he said.

He affirmed that Santa Cruz will not add much to Peña’s candidacy. He recommended to the former Minister of Finance that he look for someone with a lot of membership in the Colorado Party to be his vice president.

“Peña’s problem is his liberal affiliation. It shows a great dependence on Cartes. He should look for someone radically different from him, ”he recommended.

Finally, he said that there is a clear intention to involve Santa Cruz within the movement. However, he warned that in our political culture there are not many successful experiences of athletes who entered politics.

“The result of the political outsiders was not good in the country. They are attractive for the vote, but then they do not know how to act because they are not in their field. These are figures that can clean up the well-worn figure of actors, what must be seen are the management results that were not positive, ”he declared.

"Santa Cruz will not add much to Peña"
Hugo Estigarribia, political analyst.

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