Mitic will provide internet to 321 places

Mitic will provide internet to 321 places

The National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP) published on Monday 25, that the company Tecnología en Electrónica e Informática SA (TEISA) was awarded for a total value of G. 10,392,514,446 (US $ 1.5 million).

It managed to win the tender called “Supply of the Connectivity Service for Technological Infrastructure Equipment – Free Internet in Public Spaces (Connectivity-IGEP)” with ID 388548. For this tender, offers began to be received on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic) was the institution in charge of carrying out the call for tender 388548 under the category; “Technical Services, by the type of IDB procedure – Tender

The aforementioned institution awarded seven items. Its legal representative is Galo Eguez, Gustavo Eguez and Jaime Eguez. At the call, one more company was presented: Núcleo SA

Fernando Saguier, Minister of Mitic, reported that the tender will provide free internet to 321 places. The first component is connectivity and the second is infrastructure.

“All these points will have free internet for 24 months,” he said.

Currently, some 109 public squares have free internet. With this, the total amount will rise to 430 points throughout the country.

It is estimated that by the first half of 2022 they will all be connected.

Apart from the deployment of fiber and the installation service in remote places (away from big cities). It is about 1000 kilometers of new fiber cables.

All departments will be reached, the distribution will be as follows; San Pedro; 24, President Hayes; 16, Paraguarí; 18, Ñeembucú; 16, Missions; 10, Itapúa; 34, Guairá; 17, Cordillera; 18, Concepcion; 16, Central; 29, Canindeyú; 15, Caazapá; 11, Caaguazú; 23, Boquerón; 7, Amambay; 6, Alto Paraná; 23 and Alto Paraguay; 4. The remaining 34 will be in Asunción.
Yesterday, Wednesday, Saguier held a meeting with his team about this program called “IGEP”, (Free Internet in Public Spaces). Although the project concludes with these works, it is being analyzed to expand it.

The work to be done by the supplier will be as follows; IGEP Point Installation by G. 3,171,706,304. Provision of Internet Service (50/10) Mbps for 24 Months for G. 3,302,711,300. Provision of Internet Service (20/4) Mbps for 24 Months for G. 3,106,502,392. Data Center Point of Service Installation Provision for G. 1,000,000. Provision of Internet Service for Data Center (100/100) for 24 Months for G. 56.034.300. Provision of Internet Service (20/4) Mbps for 24 Months for G. 332,533,900. IGEP Point Installation by G. 422.026.250.

Mitic will provide internet to 321 places
Fernando Saguier, Minister of Mitic.

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