San Miguelito registers more than 800 cases of dengue

The Health Region of San Miguelito has registered 846 cases, as announced by the Ministry of Health, stating that it is important that the population become aware of the elimination of Aedes Aegypti mosquito breeding sites, so that it does not become a threat for the residents of this district.

Dengue is a disease that can cause death to any person if measures are not taken to end the proliferation of the mosquito. The residents must contribute to the cleanliness by eliminating any container that can serve as a reservoir of this scourge, cover the water storage tanks (plastic or metal) in an hermetic way, highlighted the regional health director of San Miguelito Yaritzel Ríos.

“Before filling them with water, brush them to remove possible mosquito eggs, eliminate containers where water can accumulate such as bottles, cans, glasses, plastic containers, saucers, vases, tires, etc,” he explained.

He recommended that, in the event of a fever, the person go to a nearest health facility so that the doctor can verify if it is a dengue fever or any other viral or bacterial disease that may be developing in his body.

Dengue tests are free, it is important not to self-medicate. As long as the mosquito vector is circulating in the district, anyone with a fever can have dengue, if it is dengue it can be serious and if it is serious it can cause death, the authorities said.

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