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January 5, 2023
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Sales for Three Wise Men would grow 18% annually this 2023

Sales for Three Wise Men would grow 18% annually this 2023

Despite the greater influence of technology, toys remain as “Los Reyes” from the sale on the eve of the January 6 holiday, for which merchants anticipate an economic spill of 20,000 million pesos, exceeding the pre-pandemic figures and leaving behind the negative impacts, said Héctor Tejada Shaar, president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur).

It is estimated that, during the Three Kings Day period of 2023, Mexico will register an increase of close to 18% compared to January of the previous year, when they sold 17,000 million pesos. This also represents 14% more than in 2020 sales.

On this festivity, toys are the product with the greatest demand for the Three Kings, because despite the fact that electronic items (video games, tablets, cell phones, consoles, computers) have gained relevance, children continue to request dolls, balls, bikes and board games. Although they also request perfumes, clothing and footwear. The Concanaco specified that among the products that are most consumed this season is the traditional Rosca de Reyes, which is offered both in restaurants and is ordered to take to all Mexican homes.

And although, according to the National Association of Small Business Merchants (ANPEC), they registered an increase in the price of up to 33% on average, the demand for the traditional Rosca de Reyes continues to increase.

It is estimated that, on average, 4 million rosca de reyes are sold in Mexico each year, benefiting more than 7,500 national bakeries and pastry shops.

Héctor Tejada Shaar stressed the importance of consuming in formal commerce, especially on these dates, because the Three Wise Men face products from the informal economy and contraband, which, beyond generating joy for children, could cause disappointment. for not working.

“You have to encourage the economy and promote good competition, people have the security of purchasing quality products or services,” he said. He mentioned that there are approximately 4.5 million micro, small, medium and large companies that make it possible to reach various products and services throughout the country.

We know that continuing to celebrate our Mexican traditions not only strengthens social cohesion, but also boosts Mexico’s economic growth, and Three Kings Day is no exception,” said Tejada Shaar.

For his part, the business leader said that Concanaco is in close coordination with Profeco during this celebration.

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