Russia warns that new measures against its media will cost dearly

The spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajárova, stated that new measures by the West against the media in this country will cost dearly, the local press said today.

Speaking to the Soloviov Live YouTube channel, the official recalled that Moscow responded to the banning of its RT DE channel in Germany with the suspension of the German media company Deutsche Welle.

“We are responding, they have taught us, we are doing this to show that the next steps in this direction will cost them dearly,” he said.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced this Friday that the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom in recent days declared a real war against the television channel of this country RT.

“Well, what is this? Is it some kind of coincidence? It is a planned action,” the Russian official told an online briefing, noting that the claims against RT France coincided with the situation around RT DE (Germany) and the London accusations.

He stressed that “the attacks on the French office of RT are difficult to separate from what is happening with their colleagues in Germany, some unequivocal statements from the British Foreign Ministry and, of course, those alleged reports that came out just under a week ago in the US State Department website.

On Thursday, RT, citing the Paris media, reported that Arcom, the country’s media regulator, launched an investigation into the reports of that Russian network in France.

The chief editor of RT France, Ksenia Fyodorova, was of the opinion that the possible investigation is a planned action, since the information about the beginning of the control against the channel appeared the day after the transmission of RT DE in German language in that country was prohibited. country.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that such a decision forced Moscow to start implementing countermeasures against the German media accredited in this country and with the Internet intermediaries that unjustifiably deleted the accounts of the RT DE channel on their platforms.

That day, the local Foreign Ministry announced the closure of the correspondent office of the German radio and television company Deutsche Welle in this country.

This Friday, Zajárova reported that the employees of Deutsche Welle in Moscow received notification about the closure of the office and must submit their accreditations before the end of this day.

Deutsche Welle journalists working in Russia will be deprived of their accreditation, but are not expelled from the country, he clarified.

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