Russia runs out of Facebook and Twitter

Russia runs out of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter were blocked by Russia, as ‘revenge’ for the ‘censorship’ of the media in that country.

Moscow. The Russian communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, has proceeded to block Twittershortly after doing the same with the social network Facebook.

According to a document on the regulator’s website, the measure is due to a request from the Russian Prosecutor’s Office on February 24, the date the investigation began. Russian military operation in Ukraine. At the time this news was written, Twitter was still available in Moscow.

Previously, Roskomnadzor announced the blocking of access in Russia to the social network Facebook in response to “censorship” of Russian media accounts.

“On March 4, it was decided to block access to the social network Facebook, controlled by Goal, on the territory of the Russian Federation,” Roskomnadzor said in a statement.

First notice for Facebook and Twitter

The Russian regulator had already partially restricted and slowed down access to Facebook and Twitter for the dissemination of “false information” about the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Then he explained that he was taking this measure after the American technology company restricted the official accounts of four Russian media: the military television channel Zvezda, the official RIA Nóvosti agency, the Lenta portal and the newspaper.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office specified that Facebook “unlawfully restricted the dissemination through Internet users of socially important information on the territory of the Russian Federation, including registered media messages and materials, in connection with the imposition of political and economic sanctions by foreign countries with respect to Russia«.

Russians used it for information

Days ago, the former British deputy prime minister, who signed up for Facebook five years ago, Nick Clegg claimed that Russian citizens are using several of their popular mobile applications to express themselves and mobilize after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, ordered by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

“We want them to continue to make themselves heard, to share what is happening and to organize themselves through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger“, he emphasized. EFE

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