Government of the CDMX will review the places created to reorder informal commerce

Government of the CDMX will review the places created to reorder informal commerce

Those spaces that are not occupied by vendors may be reassigned to give work spaces to people from indigenous communities in the Historic Center, the head of government detailed on February 24.

Silvia Sánchez Barrios, a deputy in the capital’s Congress, is part of the family to which the leaders of street commerce belong, Silvia Sánchez Barrios –sister– and Alejandra Barrios Richard –mother–, both under process before the FGJ and to whom some of the places were assigned to them.

According to the PRI deputy, the strategy was doomed to fail in principle because the spaces in the squares are insufficient.

“Of course they didn’t fit, hundreds or thousands of people stayed outside because they were properties where people didn’t fit,” he says.

For the legislator, it is an unfair demand towards the merchants of the Historic Center to occupy or deliver the places.

“When they give you a property in a place where you are not going to sell, that is not a square, that is falling down, that the PATR tells you, take responsibility for fixing it, maintaining it, paying.

“Many sacrifices had to be made so that those places ‘could work, many had to be rented from warehouses to be able to pay property taxes and water. Where was it going to come from? If they didn’t take it away from you, ”she says in an interview.

The Secretary of the Government, Martí Batres, and the Undersecretary, Dunia Ludlow, are expected to officially announce the plan for the reorganization of commerce in the Historic Center soon.

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