Russia: Diego Molano's statements about interference are irresponsible

Russia: Diego Molano’s statements about interference are irresponsible

The Embassy of Russia In colombia issued a statement saying that “notes with perplexity the continual attempts to accuse without groundsthat country for alleged interference in the affairs of Colombia.

According to the diplomatic mission, in that “was highlighted” again the Defense Minister Diego Molanoof whom he says that “in his tireless search for fictional enemies” cites data without any verification and speaks of foreign intervention on the border with alleged support and technical assistance from Russia.

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The Embassy says that it is “irreponsible statements” of the cabinet member Ivan Duke and that “seem even more inappropriate” if we take into account the president’s meeting with heads of diplomatic missions in which he highlighted the Bogota friendly ties with the rest of the world.

He adds that there was also a brief conversation between the Russian ambassador in the country and the Vice President and Chancellor Marta Lucía Ramírez. In this they talked about cooperation development and the preparation for the prompt departure of that diplomat and the arrival of a new one in Bogotá.

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