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Rowland Castillo, 11J protester, will return to prison

Madrid Spain.- Rowland Castillo, one of the minors imprisoned for demonstrating on July 11, 2021 (11J) in toyowill return to prison on October 6.

According to the activist Carolina Barrero, the young man received a summons to appear on that date in the Jovenes de Occidente jail.

“I just spoke with Rowland Castillo and Yudinela Castro. The Chamber for Crimes against State Security of the Provincial Court of Havana has given them this request to enter the Jovenes de Occidente prison on October 6 before being transferred to the Correctional Center with Internment in which they must remain for five years. , specified the art historian through Facebook.

“Prison, forced labor and indoctrination, this is how the regime punishes the will for democratic change of young people, widely expressed in the protests of 2021 and 2022. There will not be a place where we do not denounce it, there will not be a time of day when we do not for your freedom. There will be no way to recognize their great value”, declared Barrero.

Last March, Rowland Castillo was sentenced to 18 years in prison. In May, he learned that the Cuban regime had released several of the minors detained for the crime of “sedition” due to their participation in the 11J demonstrations. Among them was Rowland Castillo, who would be sent to a labor camp.

Yudinela Castro, after the trial against her son, declared to CubaNet that many of the mothers who were in court were asked by the official press for statements.

“They wanted us to say what they wanted to publish. For example, they invited me to give statements, but not before asking me what I was going to say. I replied that I only want my son’s freedom and that I did not agree with the sanction that had been imposed on him, and the press told me: go away, these are not words that you have to say,” Castro said.

On February 24, Yudinela Castro was imprisoned and remained for two weeks in the 100 y Aldabó prison, accused of the alleged crime of contempt.

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