Rosendo Serna on COVID-19 cases: “Contagion levels only occur in institutions in urban areas”

The head of the Ministry of Education (Minedu), Rosendo Serna, reported that most cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in schools nationwide occur in institutions in urban areas.

These levels of contagion only occur in institutions in urban areas, they have been very few or almost nothing in rural areas. Moreover, we who are visiting the rural area, the community as a whole, observe that they do not use masks because the level of contagion is zero and what they do is take care of themselves at the community level so that the situation is exported from another place”, explained in dialogue with RPP Noticias.

He indicated that, although there are still cases of coronavirus among students, these are isolated situations. “We are keeping statistics regarding the cases detected, we have an application where all the information is incorporated, but We have not had a recurring situation, there have been sporadic cases that have arisen”.

“For now we are handling the issue very well, the regional directors, the directors of UGEL have oriented in a better way so that this does not mean the closure of educational centers. In some cases where the schools have closed, no more than five days have passed, even in others, there have been fewer days and the situation has continued to work “assured.

Non-compulsory use of masks

Last Friday, the official announced that he will convene a meeting with technicians from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) at the request of Congressman Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renovation) for an analysis of the non-mandatory use of masks in schoolchildren in the midst of the fourth wave of coronavirus in Peru.

In his presentation before the Special COVID-19 Commission of Congress, Minister Serna recalled that he was one of the members of the Executive who was in favor of applying flexibility in some protocols arranged as a preventive measure in the fight against the coronavirus.


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