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A mob of indigenous people attacked a private property located in the district of Itakyry, department of Alto Paraná, causing multiple damages. The owner of the property was brutally assaulted.

Yesterday there was a violent attack in the Itakyry area, perpetrated by a group of between 30 and 40 people belonging to the Ka’a Poty indigenous community.

According to the complaint, the attackers entered the property belonging to Pedro Torras carrying sticks, machetes and axes, causing a series of damages. At all times, they acted with extreme violence.

During the event, a tractor and a recently acquired seeder were set on fire, in addition to causing significant damage to the sheds and the family home.

Both the owner of the house and his brother were attacked by the indigenous people, according to the photographs that were later shared on social networks.

The family mentioned to various media outlets that the problem dates back to about 3 years ago when this indigenous community occupied the neighboring property. Some time later they had been evicted, although about a month ago they returned to the area, with the alleged consent of the National Institute of the Indigenous (INDI).

The family held a press conference to repudiate what happened and demand respect for private property, in addition to calling for sanity and social peace. Similarly, they asked for greater support from the authorities.

Some 17 indigenous people were detained by the National Police after this outrage in Itakyry. Among those arrested also appears the social activist Rafael Esquivel, better known as “Mbururu”, identified as the alleged leader of the mob.

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