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Rosario Murillo “dictates” that the mayor of Diriamba died of “depression”

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Rosario Murillo "dictates" that the mayor of Diriamba died of "depression"

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, assured that the mayor of Diriamba, Fernando Baltodano, made the decision to take his own life because of the depression “that had been afflicting him.”

“Yesterday (August 22) he made a tragic and painful decision for all of them (Baltodano’s family) and also for the Diriamba families who have counted on his work all these years,” Murillo lamented, in his speech to official media.

Likewise, he explained that the Sandinista mayor had come “suffering from ailments, we all know how difficult it is to clean with diminished spirits, with depression and well that depression led him to make that fatal decision.”

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“We are sending a big hug to the Fernando Baltodano family. (…) We have shared the pain, the sadness with Harold, with Paul, José Carlos, her children and with Ninoska, who are waiting for her because she comes from Nicaragua », said Rosario Murillo.

Fernando Baltodano, Sandinista mayor in Diriamba. Photo taken from the Facebook of the Mayor of Diriamba

“May the Lord give you strength to go through these days that are painful! We do not deny it, strength and consolation we ask the Lord for all the family and friends of Fernando Baltodano, our mayor in Diriamba », he added.

On the afternoon of Monday, August 22, Fernando Baltodano, Sandinista mayor of the municipality of Diriamba, in the department of Carazo, was found dead. The mayor was found dead inside his truck, as seen in photographs posted on social networks.

Unofficially it became known that the Sandinista mayor had committed suicide with a shot to the head. His vehicle was found in a mountainous area located between the Diriamba-La Boquita highway.

Roberto Samcam, former member of the Nicaraguan Army

Meanwhile, the retired mayor Roberto Samcam considers that the mayor “was assassinated by an execution in the best style of the mafia in power.”

Samcam assures that there are “technical inconsistencies from a crime scene, which was clumsily manipulated by his murderers, apparently novices or stupid, but who, enjoying total impunity, did not mind leaving a trail of errors.”

In addition, he presumes that all the “errors” found at the scene indicate that Baltodano was “executed” in another place and then put inside his vehicle as he was found. “There are too many inconsistencies and blunders in the manipulation of an execution scene,” he notes.

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